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How to use this Forum

Posting a comment: You can post or comment on discussions on this Forum.  At the bottom of each discussion there is a text field.
Type your comments in the box and submit them by hitting the 'Post comment' box.  The comment will appear at the bottom of the comment adding it to the discussion.  You will see you have a variety of formatting options when you post including adding files, links and pictures.
Creating a new discussion:  To create a new discussion click on the NEW DISCUSSION button at the top or bottom of any category.  The button will lead you to post/discussion and the page will look like this:

  1. The discussion title is what will show at the top of the post once it’s been submitted. It will also identify the discussion on the category index.
  2. This is the Advanced Editor, which assists you in formatting the text of your post, inserting images, and attaching files.
  3. This is the field where you  type out the main body of your post.
  4. Tags mark a discussion with certain keywords so it is easier to search for within the community. By default, up to five tags can be used on a post.
  5. Once you have  finished typing your post, clicking the Post Discussion button will immediately publish it. Clicking Save Draft will store the post under “My Drafts” in a your profile menu. Preview will show you what the finished post will look like when published. Cancel will bring the user back to the category you  were viewing previously.

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